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Home of British and International Students


Since 1971, Nansen Village (United Kingdom), has been home away from home to more than 1500 international students and their families.

We offer, postgraduate students and their spouses or partners and children,
reasonably priced accommodation.

Nansen Village


Nansen Village (United Kingdom) is situated in a leafy area of North London and has accommodated Postgraduate students from more than 95 different countries since 1971.
Nansen Village comprises 19 flats and 15 houses for couples with young children and 32 studio flats for couples without children.

A Home Away from Home...


Nansen Village

For couples without children. The self-contained flats have a bed-sitting room with open-plan kitchen area, plus shower room with WC. They are equipped with fridge freezer, electric cooker, cutlery and crockery, central heating and basic furniture. The rent includes heating and water bills, but does not include electricity. Shower room with toilet and vanity unit … Continue reading “Studio Flats”


Nansen Village

The flats comprise a living room with kitchenette, bathroom and one or two bedrooms. They are equipped with fridge freezer, electric cooker, cutlery and crockery, central heating and basic furniture. Gas and water bills are included, but not electricity. 1 or 2 Bedrooms Bathroom with toilet and vanity unit Open plan kitchen with living room … Continue reading “One and Two Bedroom Flats”


Nansen Village

For couples with one or two dependent children. The bungalows comprise a living room with kitchenette, bathroom and two bedrooms. They are equipped with fridge freezer, electric cooker, cutlery and crockery, and basic furniture. Water bills are included, but not gas or electricity bills. 2 Bedrooms Bathroom with toilet and vanity unit Open plan kitchen … Continue reading “Bungalows”


Nansen Village

Nansen Village offers students much more than the basics. Extra facilities include: The Common Room This area is a communal space where tenants can socialise and hold small gatherings. It is equipped with a fridge and a cooker and tenants are able to play table tennis here. Communal Gardens and Children’s Playground Area Nansen Village … Continue reading “Facilities & Lifestyle”

Among Nansen Villages facilities are quiet study rooms, a small library, large gardens and coin-operated launderettes. There is also a private nursery class for 3-5 year olds. In addition, Nansen Village has communal recreational areas and organised activities to promote social interaction. All properties are allocated to new tenants subject to availability upon departure of existing tenants. (For selection procedures see LETTINGS POLICY.

Nansen Village
Kurt and Charlotte Weinberg


Nansen Village is the home of BARNET OVERSEAS STUDENTS HOUSING ASSOCIATION – BOSHA Ltd which is a non-profit organisation offering full-time postgraduate students and their families reasonably priced accommodation, in an atmosphere in which students from the United Kingdom and all parts of the world can complete their studies.

Nansen Village offers students the opportunity to live in a truly international community and make friendships that last a lifetime.

The NPO was founded by Kurt and Charlotte Weinberg, who were refugees from Nazi Germany. Read More...

Nansen Village


Nansen Village is situated less than a 5 minute walk from Woodside Park Underground Station (Northern Line).  

Nansen Village
Nansen Village

Student Comments

Since 1971, Nansen Village has been home away from home to more than 1810 British and international students and their families.  

Martin and Paula Sansana ~ Chile

“It has been a wonderful experience for us to live in such a nice place with a multicultural community and to see our daughter growing up both as a Londoner and a global citizen”

Aditya Kumar Patra Ex-Tenant Rep) and Minakshi Patra ~ India

Nansen Village is a well-knit community with personal touch from the office and especially from Kurt and Charlotte. During our stay I and my wife never felt the absence of home; a true home away from home in London. Never felt like leaving the village and when we left, we did so with tears in eyes. It was one of the best three and half years of our life that we will cherish for ever.

Rhonda Semple ~ Canada

David and I arrived in London in 1995 with our four month old daughter Rebecca. Over our tenure at Nansen Village, we lived (briefly) in a bachelor suite, in an apartment, and finally in a house in the garden. While I was completing my PhD we had a second child, born at the Royal Free, and we always felt like although we were far away from our Canadian family, we created new family in Nansen Village and we were supported like real family. Our kids were never alone, and Rebecca knew a few phrases in Arabic, Hebrew and Spanish, learned from all her friends.

Livia and Marius Holden with four children Ethan, Luna (Nansen Village baby), Lian Neha (Nansen Village baby), and Taima ~ Italy

“When we moved to Nansen Village I was a PhD student with husband and a toddler. When we left Nansen Village we had three children and I had earned a PhD! One of the most rewarding periods in our lives”

Nasirudeen & Halima ~ Nigeria

“Nansen Village provided us the opportunity to stay in a fantastic, decent and secured accommodation in London while I pursue my PhD. One of the happiest moment in the village was the tremendous support we received from this multicultural community when our second child AbdurRahman was born especially from our immediate neighbour at 24 Woodside Grange Road who took care of our daughter Aisha as theirs. We are supported as real family by the entire community! If not in Nansen Village, where else can we find such a wonderful caring from student accommodation in London? Indeed, Nansen Village is “home away from home”. Thank you Kurt and Charlotte for touching many more lives! We will always remember Nansen Village as our second home so long as we are still on earth.”

Thian ~ Malaysia

“We have one of the sweetest and best part of our life living in Nansen. The people we met and the life we spent at this place often appear in our day-to-day conversation between Siew Ling, Hui Ho and myself; whenever we touch on topics related to life at Nansen, it always brighten up our day without fail.”

Virginia and Amelia ~ Chile

“an oasis in the middle of London for those students with toddlers”
Nansen Village


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Nansen Village