Nansen Village

Home of British and International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a relative or nanny to look after my children?

Nansen Village accommodation is designed for couples with a maximum of two children. We will not accept applications from students wishing to bring a nanny or other relatives to look after children in place of or in addition to the student’s partner.

Is wireless broadband/internet included in the rental cost?

Yes, all properties are connected to the internet which can be used from the day of arrival. This service is included in the rent with a standard internet service of 50Mbps including Wi Fi in all communal areas.

My degree requires me to go on field studies during my tenancy. How long can I stay outside Nansen Village without breaching my lease?

We have set a maximum a six week consecutive absence limit per year. Any longer than this will be considered a breach of your lease agreement and your tenancy will be terminated. If your studies require you to be absent on field studies for longer you can reapply to re-join Nansen Village when you are due to return, subject to availability of housing. Please see our Lettings Policy page for more information.

My partner/spouse will only be visiting temporarily from time to time owing to commitments in his/her home country. Do I still qualify for couples accommodation?

Our policy (again, see our Lettings Policy page) states that the partner of the student must also be resident for the duration of the tenancy. Absences are permitted for a maximum of six consecutive weeks in a year.

I have submitted my application and relevant documents, what happens next?

Provided you fulfill our criteria (see our Application page for more information), your application will be submitted to our Tenancy Committee (comprised of members of the Board of Trustees and Tenant Representatives) for approval. Prospective tenants are then placed on our list of candidates eligible for accommodation, and you will be contacted in the event a suitable property becomes available at the time you have stated you are seeking accommodation. Owing to the high number of applications, and the limited number of properties for families in particular, there is no guarantee that every applicant will eventually be given accommodation at Nansen Village.

How long will you retain my application?

We will only consider you for housing at the time you have stated accommodation is required on your application form. If wish to maintain your application longer and you are a Masters student, we will only consider you for housing up to three months after the commencement date of your course, in most cases this will be up until the end of the year. In the case of PhD students, we will retain your application for up to a year from the commencement date of your course. We routinely ask applicants with more than 9 months remaining on their degrees at the beginning of each year to reconfirm their interest and if there is no response the application is removed to an inactive file.

I am a single person but I am prepared to pay the full price for a studio flat, will you accept me?

Even if the applicant is prepared to pay full price for sole occupancy, the Tenancy Committee will not consider single tenants. Our accommodation is strictly for fulltime postgraduate student couples and families.

Can I bring a pet?

For Health and Safety reasons we cannot allow pets in Nansen Village.

What happens if I arrive and the office is closed?

A designated tenant will hold the key for you; all information will be sent to you in advance together with the names and house/flat number of the Tenant Representatives who will be able to help you on arrival.

Where can I buy bed linen?

We hold a small stock at affordable prices for people that are new to the country; all information will be sent to the new prospective tenant upon acceptance of property offer. Otherwise linen/bedding can be purchase at the nearby High Road where you will find a selection of shops and supermarkets.

What will I have to do to contribute to the multicultural community?

Nansen Village is a charitable foundation with a specific remit to create a vibrant multicultural community. Students are encouraged to participate and help with the organization of the social calendar. A number of social events are organized for and by the students during the year. Student Representatives are elected and represent the tenants at Board of Trustee meetings.

Am I able to choose a particular property or determine which building I stay in?

We allocate flats and houses when they become available and therefore choice is limited to the property vacant at the time.

Can I install a satellite dish to see international channels?

Tenants are not allowed to install satellite dishes on the exterior of the properties.