The Association is governed by the Board of Trustees, who volunteer their time. The Board is headed by a Chair and subdivided into Committees, which make decisions and carry out policies on behalf of the Board. The General Manager is answerable to the Board and, together with the staff, is responsible for the daily running of Nansen Village.

The Aims The Association recognises that students arriving from overseas have greater difficulty finding accommodation than people already here. Nansen Village is therefore primarily concerned with students new to the UK, on low incomes or with children under the age of 8. British students are also housed if the application is successful. To promote cultural diversity within Nansen Village, we aim to have no more than five families from the same country resident at any one time.


Facts and Figures
Over 40 years, Nansen Village has hosted more than 1586 families from over 95 different countries. There are about 170 current residents and more than 320 babies have been born to families in the Village over the years.


Conditions of tenancy
The initial lease is for one year and one month’s notice is required to terminate the lease. Renewals are granted provided there is no change in student status. The maximum stay in Nansen Village is four years. Please note we do not have any accommodation for families with more than two children. In all cases, eligibility for residence ceases with the completion of the tenant’s degree.


Nubia and Shaf07-Ausra-and-medi
Tenant Representatives