Nansen Village

Home of British and International Students



BOSHA is a charitable housing association providing accommodation for postgraduate students and their spouse/partner and/or children from overseas and the UK whilst they study in the United Kingdom. It does not provide permanent family accommodation. The Tenancy is not an assured Tenancy because the Tenant is a person pursuing a course of study.
1. Tenants must be full-time postgraduate students registered for a postgraduate degree in a recognized British higher education institution. Tenants must have a spouse/partner and/or children living with them. Only the people named in the tenancy agreement will be allowed to reside in the premises for the duration of the lease. Visitors are normally permitted to stay for a maximum of two weeks at a time and tenants must inform the office of their stay. The general manager may permit longer stays in exceptional circumstances.
2. BOSHA aims to house students who would find it difficult to afford private rented accommodation, so income will be taken into account when making allocations.
3. Applicants must satisfy BOSHA that their visa status and that of all members of their family intending to live with them meet UK legal requirements.
4. Leases will initially be for one year. Subsequently up to three annual renewals will be granted subject to evidence from the tenant’s supervisor of satisfactory progress and continuing full time university enrolment. All students must vacate the property on termination of students’ university registration. PhD students must present official documentation of the date of the viva examination, and vacate the property within one month after this date.
5. No tenancy will continue beyond four years in the case of PhD students unless there are exceptional circumstances.
6. Leases will not be extended for a student who fails his/her examination.
7. The property is rented to students and their families whilst they are studying in London. The accommodation is not for single occupancy. The ethos of this organization is to keep families together. If the leaseholder or a member of the family intends to be absent from the property written notice must be given to the office. Students who leave London for periods of field work over six weeks are required to vacate the property and reapply to return.
8. The maximum holiday period at any one time is 6 weeks.
9. BOSHA aims to maintain a balanced community so usually no more than five leaseholders from any one country will be housed at any one time.

10. Priority is given to applicants new to the UK and/or students at the beginning of their degree course.
11. Preference is given to families with children under five years old. Applications from those with older children may be considered under exceptional circumstances. There is no housing suitable for families with three or more children.
12. Applications are approved and signed by two members of the Tenancy Committee. Applications will be considered within four weeks of receipt, and applicants will be notified within six weeks if they have been approved for consideration when a suitable property becomes available. BOSHA will endeavour to respond sooner than this when possible.
Offers are made to prospective tenants by office staff from the list of approved applicants

13. In urgent cases, accommodation may be offered by office staff to applicants not yet vetted by the Tenancy Committee, provided that signed approval is given by two Committee members within one month of the offer being made.
14. The flats and bungalows are suitable for family sizes as follows:-
Studio flats for couples only: Flats 2-33
One bedroom flats for couples with baby less than two years old Flats 1, 34/35, 36C, 36D, 51-55 & 58-59
Two bedroom flats and bungalows for couples with two children or a child over 3 years of age at the time of arrival:
Flats 36A, 36B, 36E, 46, 47, 56, 57 & 60

Bungalows 37-45, 48-50, 23-25 WGR
A one-bedroom flat cannot be guaranteed to tenants of studios expecting a baby; priority for a one-bedroom flat will be given to existing tenants expecting a baby.
15. If a tenant is offered a unit of an inappropriate size on first arrival they must agree in writing to move to a suitable unit when one becomes available.
Tenants may be able to move to different accommodation within Nansen Village but will be charged an administration fee of £750 unless the Committee considers the move is justified.
16. A one-bedroom flat cannot be guaranteed to tenants of studios expecting a baby. Priority for a one-bedroom flat will be given to existing tenants expecting a baby.

17. Tenants may only be moved to different accommodation within Nansen Village without charge when exceptional personal circumstances or change of policy takes place. In all other cases an administration fee of £750 would be made.
18. Transfer of the tenancy to a spouse or partner may be considered but the total length of stay for a couple or family will be limited to 4 years.

19. BOSHA will endeavour to ensure equality of treatment to all applicants. No-one will be treated less favourably than anyone else because of ethnic origin, gender, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age.
20. Applicants will be contacted annually for 2 years after initial approval to see if they still wish to be considered for housing.
21. In the case of PhD applicants, application forms are retained until 1 year prior to the finish date of the course, after which the applicant falls below the minimum 1 year lease requirement of new tenants. In the case of Master degrees applicants, when there is less than 6 months remaining on the course the applicant’s form will be removed from consideration. All inactive applications are moved to a secondary file.

22. BOSHA Ltd is a secular organization and therefore acts of religious worship are not allowed in any of the communal areas of the Village.